Customized Magnetic Filter

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Items: Stainless Steel Magnetic Bar
Shape: Rod
Brand Name: ZB-STRONG
Price: 0.2 to 10 usd
Video Description
Product Description
Magnetic grate is installed or simply laid-inside of hoppers, housings and bins to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects .please be ware these grates are bulit for low- abrasion materials.
1. Frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel, good corrosion resistance and no pollution.
2. Standard magnetic grates are assembled with stainless stell frame and 25mm diameter round bars.
3. The frame and magnetic bar surface can be fine polished and ful welded to meet food grade or pharmacy application.
4. Standard working temperature from <=80鈩? if needed, max.working temperature from 80鈩?to 350鈩?is also available.
5. Normal item (N style), easy - cleaning , grate with angle baffles or rod are available.
Stainless steel tube and NdFeB or ferrite magnets
Surface Gauss
D18, D20, D25, D32, D40mm,etc,and the length will according to your request, we can make it from 100-2500mm.
Material of the Magnetic barStainless steel tube+ NdFeB or ferrite magnets
DiameterD18, D20, D25, D32, D40mm, etc, and the length will according to your request, we can make it from 100-2500mm.
Surface Gauss3000-12000Gs
Standard Working Temp<80 degree, but if needed, max working temperature can reach 80-350 degree.
Advantages of magnetic fuel filterNo energy consumption, pollution-free, simple structure, can be installed on production lines or pipes in the entrance and exit, the space-saving, easy installation and so on
Applications of magnetic filterOil treatment, Chemical industry, food industry, recycling industry, pharmaceutical industry, other liquid (hydro-material) separation application.
Our Company
+By Air: If the goods will be shipped by air, all the magnetic should be degaussed and we will use Iron sheet to shield.
+By Sea:If the goods are will be shipped by sea, we will place a pallet on the bottom of cartons.
Express (TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc), Air, Ocean.
a. If the weight is under 40Kgs, we recommend sending them in shielding boxes to you by Express.
b. If the weight is between 40Kgs-100Kgs, it can be sent by Express or Air.
c. If the weight is over 100Kgs, we recommend sending them by Ocean.
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