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Yellowish tone with high performance semi-transparent.
Trade Name: Fast Scarlet BBN
Color Index: Pigment Red 48:1
C.I.No. 15865:1
CAS No. 7585-41-3
EC No. 231-494-8
Chemical Group: Mono Azo
Chemical Formula: C18H16ClN2O6S

Molecular Formula:

Application: water base inks, packaging inks, NC inks, coatings and plastics.
Features: Yellowish tone with high performance semi-transparent .
Packing: 10kgs, 25kgs craft bag, 400kgs bulk bags with Carton box on pallet.

Physical, Chemical And Fastness Properties:
Density (g/cm3)1.8
Oil absorption (ml/100g)35-45
Water soluble matter (%)鈮?.5
PH Value7.0-8.0
Heat Resistance (掳C)180掳C
Light Fastness6
Oil Resistance5
Acid Resistance4
Alkali Resistance5
Water Resistance4

Remarks: The above data is only for reference. The test is necessary before use.
Star-up Pigment is the most special manufacturer and supplier of pigment red 48:1 for water base inks, packaging inks, NC inks, coatings and plastics in China. We appreciate to receive your inquiries for Samples and Quotations. Please feel free to contact us now!Pigment Red suppliers

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