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Product description
Mullite (3Al2O32SiO2) is a refractory oxide material combining low thermal expansion, good mechanical strength, and resilience at elevated temperatures. Raw mullite materials are easily obtained and are reasonably priced. It is certainly one of the most important oxide materials for both conventional and advanced ceramics. Its workability allows an extensive range and flexibility in fabrication. It is well suited for the casting of special shapes and larger tubes.

Technical Parameters
ItemIndexUnitSteatite95 Al2O399 Al2O3
Physical CharacteristicsBulk densityg/cm
Water absorption%000
Mechanical CharacteristicsFlexural strengthMpa145320340
Hardness VickersGpa5.712.213.5
Elastic modulusGpa120280320
Thermal CharacteristicsPoisson's ratio-
Expansion coefficient10-6/鈩?/p>
Thermal conductivityw/(m . k)2.51624
Specific Heat10-3 J/ (kg * K)0.750.780.78
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric constant-6.299.4
Dielectric loss angle*10 -418155
Dielectric strength*10 6 V/m181215

Technical Parameters

鈥?Good thermal shock properties
鈥?Low thermal conductivity
鈥?Good wear resistance and resistance to creep

Production equipment

鈥?Machining of components and toolings
鈥?Protection tubes
鈥?Realization of prototypes
鈥?Manufacturing of small ceramic series
鈥?Coil cores
鈥?Electrical insulator鈥?Template of assembly
鈥?Injectors, nozzles
鈥?Vacuum parts
鈥?Thermal insulators, inductive insulators
鈥?Template of brazing and welding

Our factory
We, Yixing Shengda Refractory Ceramic Co., Ltd, which is one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial ceramic field since 1995. We鈥檙e specialized in producing Steatite ceramic terminal block, Steatite ceramic bar for band heater, Cordierite ceramic accessories, 95, 99 Alumina ceramic sleeve, etc.
We believe that we can provide customers with professional suggestion to promote common prosperity.

Packaging and shippingMullite Ceramics manufacturers

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