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Rivet Shelving is also called angle rack,it adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamping and forming, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, flexible combination, strong transformation, and can increase or decrease the number of laminates according to customer's placement requirements to achieve the best storage.

Angle shelving main component

1.Reinforcing rib:thickening and upgrading of the laminate,the bearing is more stable.
2.Thickened column:high quality cold rolled steel,not easy to bend deform
3.Triangle link:each layer is fixed with a triangle piece,more stable,have foot design.

Angle shelving features

1.Cargo storage ways: Manual storage
2.Layer:3-5layer;can be customized
3.Color:  Grey ,white,black or according to customer鈥檚 requirement
4.Laminates:MDF board,steel panel ,etc.
5.Surface treatment:electrostatic spray; it is corrosion and rust protection
6.You can DIY, can be arbitrarily assembled to meet the needs of different environments.

Angle shelving installation tools
Angle shelving only need a rubber mallet is needed (no nuts or bolts required). Simple to build, constructed within minutes.

Our business structure

80% of the company's core business consists of rack, 20% of its strategic business consists of automated system integration, third-party logistic as emerging business of our company锛孫ur company will accelerating the business planning and the project will continue to achieve.Rivet Shelving quotation

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