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A propos: The Real Way To Choose A Moving Company

When people think of selling their house, they pick the best realtor, the best home inspector a reputable lawyer and perhaps a great designer too if they want things spruced up. Why is it that so many times, these very same individuals just put "hire movers" on their checklist as if it were a minor "to-do"? In reality, most folks think all movers do is pick stuff up, put it in a truck and drive to the new house. I even had a close friend who was moving and when I went to see his home, he commented it's pretty easy to move a couch, a monkey could do it. Being a veteran in the moving and storage industry, I quickly pointed out that in my career, I've been on one end of carrying a sofa with a lot of different movers. There is a huge difference between people who know what they're doing vs. amateurs who think they know. This article should help you pick the best moving company for your move. If the value of your goods is less than $1000 then fine, get whoever you can right? Wrong! even though your goods aren't that valuable, think about the property damage that can occur. If the mover is what we call "fly by night", you'll never get help repairing damages.

Packers and Movers Ahmedabad

If you really care about your move here's a no nonsense approach that I would follow myself if I didn't own a moving company. First, I would Google for movers that were in my area. Moving companies are not like taxi's. You must pay for them to come from their warehouse because this is a custom move for you and the staff are not volunteers. Why pick a mover that is an hour away? Remember, the return trip is timed also. Second, I would verify that if they say they have an office, that it's actually there. Many companies will say they are in an area to satisfy what I just referred to, but they actually work someplace else. I even saw a news story about a bad mover and the address turned out to be an alley way. Many times, depending on where you live, you can use Google street view to see if the business is there. Next, I would advise to check the B.B.B. website. All you're looking for here is that the company resolves their complaints. Next, call the company's phone number. Do they answer the phone or is it a voice messaging service. If you can't get a hold of them before you do business, that may indicate you'll have a bad time trying to connect later if they ripped your sofa. Is the person who answers the phone courteous and knowledgeable? Can they transfer you to the right department or does the person that picked up have all the answers. This is a cautionary point. It may mean nothing, but sometimes it can indicate that this is a really small firm and if you're moving in a peak period when many others are moving (IE June 30th) you may get bumped by a smaller company if someone else is willing to pay more money.

Also, this is a good chance to see if the company is helpful and informative or just pushy and trying to get you to book over the phone. Next, Google the company name and include the word "reviews" to see what is written by them. Don't trust all of the review sites, some don't require the author to verify the referral. This could mean a competitor is just doing damage. Use sites like If that all checks out, call the company back and schedule an in home estimate. You should get minimum two estimates. Just so you can save time, schedule them for the same day one hour apart. If you favor one company, have them come second so you can spend more time going over details. After you schedule the estimates make sure you're clear on what goes, what stays and you tell all sales reps the same details so you can compare apples to apples later. Check to see if the sales rep shows up on times. If they don't show on time for the estimate, it's a red flag they won't show up on time for the move either. This is your chance to ask anything you want. You can also get whatever you agree to in writing. If the sales rep said they will service your aquarium, have it written in the estimate. If the sales rep says we always give free wardrobe carton rentals for our clients, have it in writing. This way, if they forget to do what was promised, you have it in writing instead of getting into a he said she said argument later.

Ask your moving consultant what move day will look like. Are the trucks clean, will the movers be in uniform, do they take breaks during the move, will they pad wrap the furniture with blankets inside the house or in the truck, are they insured and can you see a copy of the policy. Do they have accident coverage for their staff? Once the estimate has been given to you, the consultant may "ask for the sale". I don't have a problem with this, I would just expect that if I said I wanted to discuss this with my wife I wouldn't have any objections. This is a big decision and choosing a moving company can also be costly. Make sure you're not bullied into signing. Again, you're only going to have trouble later if you're having trouble before the move. Also, I would really recommend visiting the moving company to see how they run their business. Is it organized and structured or is it a mess because they're disorganized. Some of that messy paperwork could be your order which could get lost in that jungle. If you're going into storage, you definitely want to visit the facility to make sure your worldly belongings will be cared for. Finally, if you can, park outside their warehouse or office in the morning to see the crews. Are they rough looking? Are they in uniform? Do the trucks leave the warehouse on time? Usually they leave at 8:00AM so you may want to grab a coffee and park nearby at 7:45AM.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but really it's only two or three hours of your time. I recommend you consider the cost of not doing these things. You really have to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad understand that on move day, you have deadlines, mostly people have to be moved out by noon or else the people moving in will have to wait and the movers they chose will bill you for the wasted time. If you get the wrong mover, they can also damage the house you're leaving and you're going to have to pay the invoice and try to collect it from the moving company. Finally, they could damage your furniture and depending on the value could be very costly. The average home contains over $80,000 worth of belongings! This is why I get perplexed when consumers just want to book a move over the phone with the first mover they call.

In the beginning, most people don't think there is a difference when it comes to moving companies. If everything goes wrong, that's when they wish they'd done a bit more homework. If you thought two or three hours was a lot, wait until you start getting the run around from the bad moving companies out there.

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